Pilar Castro, PhD

International Collaborator

Conducted her doctorade in the Pyrenees Ecology Institute (CSCI, Zaragoza, Spain) about adaptation of the vegetation and acclimatization to the mediterranean climate. In 1997, she begun to work as professor in the University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain). Dr. Pilar Castro has participated in 16 research projects, most of them in Spain. She directed/ codirected 6 doctoral thesis, and has collaborated with researches in different countries (Great Britain, Estonia, Argentina, the Netherlands and Chile). Her research activity has become in 65 scientific articles in SCI Journal, as well in books and books chapters. Since 2004, she’s a member of the European Union Comittee of Management for a Action Cost. Her research combines with an intense teaching activity in the Faculties of Environmental Sciences and Bioology in the University of Alcalá. Since 2007, her research activity centres into explain the causes of success of invasive exotic species and evaluation of its impacts in ecosystems.