PhD. Aníbal Pauchard Cortés

Lab Director


Research line: Plant invasion ecology; landscape ecology.

PhD. Lohengrin A. Cavieres González

Full Researcher


Research line: Plant ecology in alpine zones, diversity patterns of native and introduced species in central Chile.

PhD. Ramiro Bustamante

Full Researcher


Research line: Plant Population Ecology, Biological Invasions Ecology.

Rafael A. García Araya 

Applied Science Researcher


Research line: Exotic plants invasion. Impact of invasive plants in ecological processes: the case of Teline monspessulana.



PhD. Nicol E. Fuentes Parada

Postdoc Researcher


Research line: Alien plants species: space-temporal distributions, floristic patterns, and risk of plant invasion assessment.



PhD. Mauricio Aguayo

Adjunct Researcher


Research line: Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Systems.


PhD. Christopher Anderson

Adjunct Researcher


Research line: Animal Invasions Ecology.

PhD. Eduardo Peña

Adjunct Researcher


Research line: Fire Ecology and Plant Invasions.

MSc. Alicia Marticorena

Adjunct Researcher


Research line: Taxonomy of native flora and alien plants in Chile.

PhD. Cecilia Smith Ramírez

Adjunct Researcher


Research line: Conservation biology, restauration ecology on invaded ecosystem and alien plant invasion on island.


Paulina A. Sánchez González

Lab Cordinador

Database Manager
Natural Resources Management Biologist


Research line: Invasions spatial analysis, exotic species database management, environmental management.

Ana José Cóbar Carranza


Technician LIB

Master Forestry Science


Research line: Impacts of Pinus invasion.

Diego Alarcón Abarca


PhD student
Forest engineer


Research line: Niche-based GIS modeling.

Mary Carolina García Lino


PhD student
Lic. In Biology


Research line: Alpine plants ecology and studies related to climate change.

Alejandra A. Jiménez Hernández

PhD student

Biologist MSc. in Botany 

Research line: Taxonomic richness patterns and distribution of introduced and native plants en Chile; conservation biology.


Cristóbal Alonso Villaseñor Parada


PhD student.

Marine biology


Research line: Marine Invasion Ecology.




Jocelyn Esquivel San Martín


Master student

Forestal engineer


Research line: Invasions spatial analysis.


Pablo Andrés Bravo Monasterio

Master student

Forestal engineer

Research line: Exotic plants invasions.



Sebastián Ignacio Carrasco Mardones


Master Student

Natural Resources Management Biologist


Research line: Impacts of Pinaceae invasion on native flora; Riparian ecosystem conservation.