Biological invasions are one of the main factors that threatens biodiversity and ecosystems services worldwide. The Biological Invasions Laboratory (LIB, by its initials in spanish, Laboratorio de Invasiones Biológicas) is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Forestry Science, University of Concepcion, and the Institute of Ecology and Diversity (IEB). LIB’s mission is to increase the knowledge of biological invasions, in order to reduce its impacts in the biodiversity and the ecosystems services, with an emphasis in natural areas in Chile.


My experience, as a thesist and then as technical professional, was enriching. The lab was an space in which I receive the support and freedom to propose and execute ideas.

Ana José Cóbar, Biologist and Master in Forestry Sciences
Former student.

Thanks to the LIB I could begin my career in research and contribute in the control of invasive species throught alliances with the gobernment and private institutions. It was a great experience in my human and personal formation.

Andrés Fuentes-Ramírez, PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
National colaborator.

The LIB has become in a global actor in the invasion science, that provides sustancial information about the processes and in the management of biological invasions. It has turn in the big centre of invasion science in South America.

Franz Essl, PhD in Botany
International colaborator.

The LIB has a great group that had developed strong teams and networks in Chile and the world. It has generated significant contributions for our plant populations ecology, invasions and management of plants in montainous systems, from a local scale to global.

Lisa J. Rew, Ph.D, Associated professor of Invasive Vegetal Ecology.
International colaborator

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